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About Us
A Commitment to Healthy Weight Loss.

We are a weight loss and wellness center committed to your healthy weight loss goals and overall health. Like most things in life, losing weight has a psychological component- we address that psychological component.

We focus on the psychological challenges that you may be experiencing, we build on your strengths and we address any barriers that may be causing your success to be stagnated.

Our 3 step model will help you shed the pounds, change your habits and routines and assist you in looking at losing weight differently.

It’s a simple process. Get started today. Lose 1 pound today.

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Medical & Psychological Weight Loss Solutions
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Inspiration and Motivation

I grew up being athletic and even kept that same energy into adulthood until aches and pains kicked in, which dramatically reduced not only the physical activity that I love, but the desire as well. I had a personal trainer come to my home because the gym was boring to me. Walks were fun and interesting because I love nature and I enjoyed people seeing, but I wasn’t walking consistently. I allowed work and fatigue to get in the way of going for walks and instead I just went to bed.

One day I said to myself where is that motivation that you had when you decided to lose weight in 2004. So, in 2004 I was getting a pedicure while sitting in a chair that was situated up on a platform with a wall full of mirrors in front of me. When I looked up into the unforgiving mirror I saw a snowman- yes, I looked like a snowman. It was in that moment that I said “oh no, I want my body back”. When I left the nail salon I walked 2 doors down to LA Weight Loss. It was about $600 to start for the weight I needed and wanted to lose and it turned out to be the best investment ever made.

I lost 75 pounds on the LAWL plan (shout out to LAWL). So I was looking for that motivation from 2004 again after having 2 more children and gaining 50 more pounds post the 2 kids. I just couldn’t find that same motivation. Working out with my personal trainer wasn’t working because I didn’t change my eating habits. I didn’t change my eating habits because I realized then admitted to myself that I was eating for comfort. I then began to confront the challenges that were causing me emotional distress as I often recommended for my clients to do.

After that I began to take small steps (things I wanted to do- not what a book or a trainer said to do) toward my goal of losing weight. I instantly saw a difference (over night to be exact). Rice is my nemesis. I’ve been eating rice daily for 38 years. My first small step was to have only 1 cup of rice for dinner, not 2. I woke up 2 pounds lighter the next morning. Was it from eating less rice, I asked myself? I felt it was, so I said “ok, no fruit juice today, only water. I woke up the next day 3 pounds lighter. I began getting super pumped up and motivated because I saw that the small changes were making a difference.

Those small changes were realistic and attainable for me. I continued this for about 1 week and got down from 230 lbs. to 217 lbs. by making small changes that were achievable for ME.

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